It’s never actually been about technology; it’s always been and still is about people. And that goes for telecoms.

And that’s where Catalytic is so different to other telecoms companies.
We never mistake the phone for the call; we never mistake the technology
for the conversation.


Our solutions

What interests us most is how we can improve the connections between the people using our connections.

When you partner with us, we embark on a shared journey to help you fully transition to the digital world. As part of this collaborative process, we provide analytics and insight into what’s happening at a granular level in your business, enabling you to make swifter business decisions and ultimately be more productive.

Our offering allows you to evolve at your own pace, knowing that we are ready with future-proof solutions as soon as you are. Our skin-in-the-game approach makes us active participants in your business evolution, with the reassurance that we share risk and will always be there to ensure that the solution performs optimally.

We provide a product stack of four key pillars:

Our solution information

We provide solutions in four key digital areas:


Connectivity forms the foundation of the digital migration journey. It is the road over which everything else will travel, and is a simple, yet effective starting point on the road to better productivity.

It is proven that faster connectivity, as a key enabler, can boost productivity in a business by up to 20%.

Cloud Communications

We focus intently on your business customers and enable conversations so that your people can connect effortlessly. We make sure that your communications portfolio is ‘simplicated’, yet future-proof, scalable and feature-rich.

Cloud Service

We offer backups, archiving, exchange, apps and tools. With everything in the Cloud, flexibility, convenience, accessibility and future-proofing are a certainty. To make your business more focused, productive and frictionless, we offer solutions that provide alternatives to the way ‘things have always been done’. This means less hardware, less vendor-specific lock-in, and faster connections, with the ability to connect from anywhere.


We offer centralised security and breakout services, from firewalls to threat filtering. To maintain your productivity goals, it’s important to ensure that services are always available and that your data remains confidential and secure. We provide you with the tools to monitor, manage and secure your precious IT infrastructure, with world-class protection in place for your Cloud and local environments.

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