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Our Services

What interests us most is how we can improve the connections between the people using our services.

At Catalytic we never mistake the phone for the call; we never mistake the technology for the conversation. We simplicate your connectivity, cloud communication, cloud services and security solutions to enhance your business’ productivity.

When you partner with us, we embark on a shared journey to help you fully transition to the digital world. As part of this collaborative process, we provide analytics and insight into what’s happening at a granular level in your business, enabling you to make swifter business decisions and ultimately be more productive.

Our offering allows you to evolve at your own pace, knowing that we are ready with future-proof solutions as soon as you are. Our skin-in-the-game approach makes us active participants in your business evolution, with the reassurance that we share risk and will always be there to ensure that the solution performs optimally.

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Our Solutions

Helping your business stay connected, secure, and backed-up

Happy Humans

Connected, backed-up, and secure

"Catalytic helped our organization pivot into an online based institution & helped learners to access our learning portal free of charge"

“Catalytic has guided us through upgrading our technology at the right time giving us the group standardization we have always looked for"

“Catalytic ticked all the boxes by having their own reliable data centre which superseded our expectations & saved us CAPEX and OPEX"

“Catalytic's proactive approach to introducing us to new technologies has allowed us to add tangible profits to our bottom line”

“Catalytic were simply better than other market related solutions & stayed within budget by not trying to sell us unnecessary technology.”

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