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As a salaried employee, you are selling your time. So what happens when the trade-off becomes time based vs productivity based? Have you ever considered that as our workplace becomes more digitised, micro management via software is what could quantify your output? Working remotely has you comparing yourself only against yourself – how are you faring? Do you have the personality trait, working style and ethic to get that pay increase or promotion? CEO, Jaco speaks to futurist, economist, strategist and trend analyst, Bronwyn Williams.

Jaco and his guest debate the inner workings of ‘to cloud or not to cloud’. When your core business is not IT you need to leverage technology to ensure digital transformation and business continuity. The considerations are more than just deciding on a public or private cloud-based solution. Points to ponder – has your business considered the pain points of stability issues for the server like cooling, bandwidth and constant power? Do you have SLAs? What would a reason be to move your server(s)? How safe is your data?

CEO Jaco Voigt does a brief overview of what has been covered in previous Unbundled podcasts. He touches on Catalytic being a trusted advisor for all your business’ IT requirements including connectivity, security, surrounded eco-systems, Unified Communication (UC), back-up and restoration of data. In the fast-paced and ever-changing IT space, it is important to remember that your IT solution should support rather than restrict your business, and be mindful that enticing pricing may not serve your business well.

This week, CEO Jaco continues to simplify and unbundle the digital workplace. A Cisco networking specialist joins the discussion to demystify the core IT infrastructure of a business, as well as Cloud networking specifications. How familiar are you with routers, switches, firewalls, overlays… and how are you protecting your business? This discussion again highlights the fact that small businesses are the gateway to bigger enterprise crimes – are you protected?

Technology implementation is a journey and not a brand-buy or a cheap and easy flip of a switch. Are you considering redundancy (failover), back-up and security? This week Jaco chats about businesses needing to take responsibility for their technology implementations by aligning strategies, looking at the business landscape, and long term holistic solutions.

Although the 1 July deadline has been extended, you still need to formalise the process within your business as the PoPi Act is relevant to ALL businesses across the spectrum.

Do you have a PoPi manual? What is your safety net for possible cybercrime? How are you processing and storing private customer information, and who have you appointed as your compliance officer? What training have you given your staff regarding the protection and flow of private customer information?

Jaco and his guest peel back the complex layers of disaster recovery (DR). Recovery of data is not just a spare back-up living on a server. Did you know that there is a difference between recovery and back-up? With multiple users and real time recovery requirements, it becomes key to have a staged process, with a defined process to follow. Are you testing your back-ups to ensure that there is no malware in the files? How frequently is your business doing simulation and testing on recovery files? How many minutes, hours or days will it take to bring your business back up? It’s the dreary stuff that is actually your business’ lifeblood… extra measures are vital in this information age – what are you doing to protect your business continuity?

Does your rack tick all the boxes to ensure optimal data storage? Jaco Voigt and guest Adrian Buddingh discuss the key elements that make up a smart rack and the benefits of these ‘smart components’ to your business. What is the relevance of a smart rack in your IT infrastructure? What should be a concern for a business? Power, redundancy, rack cooling and security are all crucial elements in keeping your business data facility safe and going. From rack security measures like biometrics, to fire hazards and notifications, Jaco demystifies the technology of data smart racks in a server room or data centre facility.

Don’t underestimate the importance of device management… it’s more than just ticking the security box via your business’s trusted IT guy! Hacking happens on all levels – the negligence of small businesses is as serious as enterprises. The security risk increases as more staff work remotely on public and home connectivity. Would you as a business owner know if your staff bypass and breach server protocols? Do you even have device protocols? Remember, ‘prevention is better than cure’… this episode explores the importance of engaging the security of your business by delving into Android, Windows and Mac devices.

This week Jaco and his guest get practical about the key benefits of back-ups. What is your business doing to ensure active saving of valuable data? What is your plan should there be a network breach or a physical disaster? Jaco unpacks different ways to ensure that back-ups are done and discusses the harsh realities of the outcome of a global survey done in 2020 that confirms statistics like, “Only 20% of IT professionals follow best practices” and “While nearly 90% of companies are backing up data, only 41% do it daily”. World Back-Up Day is on 31 March – let this podcast shed some light on what you need to do to ensure business security and preparation!

This week CEO Jaco Voigt delves into the clutter of tech industry jargon. How does wifi get to your device? The nitty gritty of last mile, access points, circuit providers and shared networks... this conversation will help simplify connecting humans. The difference between home and business fibre is all about service, dedicated connectivity with guaranteed speed. Plus, a look at future connectivity ensuring rural revival.

5. Cybersecurity in a Pandemic

As the gig economy continues to roll out, how will the lack of cybersecurity in private residences and co-operative workspaces affect how companies keep their data safe? Are there steps which employees can take to safeguard their company from malware and hackers? Are there systems which can render your systems largely lockdown-proof in terms of security? Whose duty is it to look after IT security? What is visibility, and can this help a company have a multi-faceted approach to keeping company data safe?

3. The Client's Needs are King

It is no longer sustainable to rely on just the brand you sell, to push sales on clients… the big shift is to ensure you are serving the client’s needs. What is PBX and how does Catalytic ensure that you have the right system for you? Can better business flow increase your profitability? How do you know which PBX system is a perfect fit for your business? Gareth Cliff chats to CEO, Jaco Voigt to find out more.

Thanks to versatility in technology and communication, employees can be productive without the need to be office or desk bound. Unified Communication (UC) has ensured not only the mobilisation of a workforce, but has made workflow tools and communication more efficient. UC facilitates collaboration, while merging the world of communication with elements like voice, video, conferencing, recording, screen and file sharing. Jaco Voigt delves into using UC to enhance customer service, the importance of a quality UC supplier, and the trends being developed in the AI and automated sphere of future communication.

This week CEO, Jaco Voigt and his guests discuss the practical application of risk management and business continuity. In an uncertain world where normal business outages are complicated by targeted cyber-attacks and widespread social unrest, how can you build a strong, resilient organisation that can survive and even thrive with large threats? The nuisances of building the right culture, the dangers of misplaced trust, and the power of asking the right questions are all discussed in this conversation that will empower directors and business owners to start thinking differently about building resilience.

6. Introducing Unbundled 2021

Cloud, Connectivity, Data Storage. We’ve all heard the terms, but what are the considerations when choosing these services for your business? Similarly, what are the differences between fibre to the business and fibre to the home? If you’re a business that handles any sort of personal data for your clients, how will the mandatory implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act impact you? Catalytic CEO Jaco Voigt takes a deep dive into the explanations and expectations of all these factors.

4. Cloud Storage & Backups

The value for companies is still in their data. As your company grows, what storage options should you consider? How does cloud storage work? Does having it mean you can get rid of physical server backups? Should companies test their backups? Gareth Cliff speaks to CEO, Jaco Voigt for answers.

1. On The Gareth Cliff Show

Jaco chats to Gareth on the Gareth Cliff Show about topics to come in the upcoming Unbundled Podcast, such as what role should an ISP play in your business? Is fibre a fail-proof solution, or should you have back-up connectivity options… if so, what are the alternatives?

2. Intro

Remember when we used to connect with a handshake, or a hug? Well now we connect by clicking a link. 2020 will be remembered for the Coronavirus pandemic and how it changed the way we interact – social distancing is the ‘new normal’ with the human connection and businesses now relying heavily on technology. But how frustrating is it when the internet drops, security worries… or even losing important information? Gareth Cliff asked CEO, Jaco Voigt why connectivity is so important in this day and age.