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Here are a few steps to follow to get the help you need


Customer Experience Desk

  • The Customer Experience Desk is the first line contact for all customer support queries.

  • This is where all calls are received, support tickets are generated, tracked and resolutions are provided.

  • This Customer support experience is available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.


Logging a Support Ticket

Please ensure you have the following information available when logging a support ticket:

  • Customer name & contact details.

  • Customer code

Once you have this information, you can log a ticket by contacting the Catalytic Customer Experience Desk at:

         087 945 0000 (24hrs)

Escalation Procedure

Should a support request not receive a response within the time periods as detailed in the below table, the following escalation procedure can be followed:


Support | 087 945 0006


Sales | 087 945 0000

Ground Floor, Building 2 ATT House, Maxwell Office Park, Magwa Crescent West, Waterfall City, 2090

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